Always show GST

What do I have to change in the views template when creating a new invoice template to make it so that the amount of GST will be always shown?

I want it to be shown when I’m selling things that are GST free so that the customer will know that the GST charged is zero.

I will improve default view template so it contains variables at the top such as:

<% assign always_show_tax_codes = false %>

which you will be able to change to:

<% assign always_show_tax_codes = true %>

if that’s what you want.

I want to see total GST value even if it is zero.

Hi Lubos,

I would also like to always show GST even when the value of the GST is zero.

Subtotal 140.00
GST 0.00
Total 140.00

How can this be done?


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I want to always show GST row even though it’s 0%. How can I modify the template? Where do I insert your variable line?
Thank you

The latest version will show column Tax and there will be GST 0% in it even if it’s the only tax code used. Have you tried that? So you don’t need to use custom template.

Will check the version and in case I will update it.
Will let you know how I go. Thanks

The tax column is there and I have a no gst 0% selected. The issue is that when that field has 0%, it doesn’t print on the sales invoice.

GST 0% should be shown on line item on printed invoice. Do you see it there?

Nope. Nothing. If I choose 10%, then it shows. If you need, I can upload the results.

Are you using custom HTML template? Don’t select any template when you view an invoice.

Ok it shows when not using the template… The template I’m using is the default template. All I did was adding a payment options details and the payment advice cutaway section

Hi. I’m not registered for GST so I don’t charge GST, but on the invoice it is required to show GST 0%.
Is there a way for me to keep using the modified template with the GST 0% column? If necessary I am happy to make changes to the template.

Thank you for your great work!

If your GST is always 0%, you can modify the template to show GST 0% on each line item. Or you can add simple note total is not subject to GST.

Are you familiar with HTML?