Displaying GST 0% on invoice

I’m in New Zealand but am not GST registered (sole trader). A customer has asked for a “GST” invoice. My accountant said I should advise the customer that I’m not GST-registered but that I can give him an invoice displaying my personal IRD number and include a line on the invoice saying “GST - $0.0” Problem is, I can’t figure out how to include such a line just above the grand total on the invoice. I attempted to follow the instructions here but ended up with an unwanted column saying “GST” as shown in the screenshot.

So, how do I add a line saying “GST $0.0” in the “Amount” Column just above the Total line?

Basically, you don’t.

I am not expert on New Zealand tax law. But, if it is like in other countries, if you are not registered, you cannot show any rate of taxation, even a zero rate. In that case, you would need to use a custom field with a note explaining that no tax has been applied.

If, however, you are allowed to show a zero rate by local law even though unregistered, install the GST Return from this page: https://www.manager.io/localizations/nz. That includes download and installation of a GST 0% tax code.

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Inform the customer that it is illegal for you to supply a Tax Invoice as you are unregistered.
Furthermore, even showing a 0% tax would be illegal, as the usage of that GST tax rate implies that you are registered to use it.

You could display on your invoice - “GST does not apply to this invoice”, or similar.

Then your accountant needs to do a refresher course, or you need a new accountant.