VAT Calculation Worksheet

Is the UK VAT calculation worksheet no longer showing any figures??? Every box is blank & so are all of my previous reports


Have you updated both Manager and the worksheet to the current version. If they are out of sync it causes problems, common recently due to the work going into both

I last updated a few weeks ago. This morning I ran the VAT Calculation Worksheet & all the boxes were blank. I have installed version 19.6.83 & again all blank

Have you downloaded today’s version of the VAT calculation worksheet and installed that?

I downloaded the VAT Calculation sheet. I didn’t realise I had to do that. I imported it & all seems to be working fine now.

Many thanks

I have the same issue, I’ve downloaded to software version 19.7.2.
I’m not sure where you download the latest ‘worksheet’ though?

from here

Instructions here Import localization settings and features

Thanks Joe91, I’ve never had to use localisations before. I appreciate the steer.

They did not exist until a couple weeks ago. This was all announced in the July newsletter. If you haven’t subscribed, you should.