BAS GST calculations worksheet

Hi, has anyone else lost access to their GST calculation Worksheet for BAS? I am still able to receive a tax report but it doesn’t show the full summary as per BAS worksheet. Has this been removed? Cheers

What countries GST calculation work sheet as they are country specific.
What version of Manager are you using and when did you last download / import the worksheet as changes to both have been made recently and you need a compatible set. It’s best to re -download and install the most current version of each

Hi, I’m after an Australian GST calculation. I have the latest version of Manager as I updated just yesterday. I last accessed a the GST calculations worksheet for BAS last quarter (1st of April). My business details contain my ABN and the currency is set in AUD. I haven’t made any changes to this since the day I started using Manager. You mentioned downloading current version of GST worksheet. How do I do this? In the past it has simply had its own catagory within ‘reports’. It is no longer there so I’m unsure how to update as I can’t locate it in the first place. Hope this makes sense…

Localization here, detailed installation instructions on the same page (which is similar for all localisations now).
Program here

Both have changed a lot recently. The 1 April 2019 version of the worksheet is unlikely to be compatible.
Best to get a fresh copy of each (all localisations and the program) and see if that fixes it

Ok great, thanks. I’ll give it a try