Tax Summary & GST calculations bug - using same data

Hi Folks,

If this has already been addressed I apologise however I haven’t seen any info on the subject so can only assume that no one has picked it up as yet.

Under Report - Tax Section

When I produce a new GST calculation sheet the same sheet title shows up in the Tax Summary report and visa versa - the information that is contained within the description field. If I delete a report from GST calculations, it is also deleted from Tax Summary reports and visa versa.

It is almost like the 2 sections are using the same child page to create the data or storing it in a similar table. Either way its driving me nuts.

Can anyone shed light on this issue?



I think it is just how the program works.

The “GST calculation worksheet” is a report transformation of the “Tax summary”. Which means they are actually the same report but with localisation specific formatting.

Hi Patch,

Ahhhh, yes that would make sense - so basically its just a double up of the same report but with obviously different formatting?

Exactly. That is why they are called report transformations. You cannot even have one until there is a built-in report containing the right information first.