Gst calculation

Been using your software for 9 months or so - love the interface and simplicity .
Trying to generate a gst quarterly report but the G1 total sales figure does not match the actual total sales as shown in the summary for that period.
Something to do with inventory classifications ??

Are you reporting GST on a cash basis perhaps? The summary is accrual based. Also, the summary doesn’t include GST, whereas the ‘GST calculation worksheet for BAS’ does.

I have tried both accrual and cash on the gst calc and end up with a similar discrepancy .

I’m sure i am missing something basic here but in the chart of accounts under income sales of inventory items does not show a category where I can choose income and any sales of inventory items do not seem to be added to the gst G1 total sales calc.

When you go to Tax Audit report, what columns do you see? Are all sales of inventory items categorized under GST 10% column?

Nothing in the GST 10% column next to sales of inventory items - but all our sales are gst free (food products)

I see. Then are you using GST Free tax code? You should mark all sales with GST Free tax code (if you don’t have this tax code, create it under Tax Codes section in Settings tab).

If you don’t mark them with any tax code, they won’t show on your BAS worksheet.

Tax Audit is a report which shows have all transactions have been marked by which tax code. Pay attention to transactions which are under No tax column.

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Thank You !!!

User error at this end and some patchy data entry.

I was looking in the wrong place.

Once again the flexibility of your software - especially for editing existing entries is one of the reasons I like

using it - as well as the up to date interface .

Thanks for the excellent support.