GST Calculation (Rounding Error)

When using the ‘GST Calculation for BAS’ report, it appears value ‘9 Your payment’ is not calculated as the value in ‘1A GST on sales’ minus ‘1B GST on purchases’. As such, the value in ‘your payment’ is incorrect.

I believe is using exact values instead of the rounded values listed in the form.

See example screenshot at:


Please search before starting new topics. This has been addressed several times before. Enter “rounding bas” into the search box.

Thanks for the reply. It seems I will need to add journal entries to adjust for this.

No, either
1 - when making the payment just add a line and enter the rounding adjustment on that line, or
2 - the ‘GST Calculation for BAS’ is just a worksheet, use 10,335 if it is more accurate.


I know this is an old thread but there is an issue with the rounding not being consistent, G1 >< G6 and G16 >< G14 etc.
Windows 10 Manager Version 19.7.3