G1 on GST Calculation Worksheet is wrong

G1 on GST Calculation Worksheet is wrong.

Second screen shot shows the figures on P&L.

How to fic thos p;ease.

Can you show edit screen of sales invoices?
Are you using built-in or downloaded tax codes?

I downloaded the GST Calculation Worksheet, and used the offered tax codes. I presume they are from Manager.
Edit screen of sales invoices on its way … In sixIn six

I don’t need to use invoices, so I just use payments.
Here is one -

@JAV, this seems to be the same problem you brought up in another thread. Only the tax code is different. Make sure the GST free tax code you are using is the one downloaded with the localizations and not something you created on your own. And be sure you have selected the correct tax liability account for it and that there is nothing in Suspense.

[quote=“JAV, post:3, topic:27431”
I downloaded the GST Calculation Worksheet, and used the offered tax codes. I presume they are from Manager.
I did not make any.
How will I know if that Tax free code
is the one for Australia ?

Screen Shot 2020-03-19 at 14.47.06

I notice in the edit screen-shot the receipt is listed as pending.
This may be the problem.

Oh Thank U.

I have found on my January bank statement, a deposit of $36 that I have not entered.
I have looked thru the Guides but cannot see how to enter the payment against the Pending enteries.

How do I enter a payment against a pending payment on a sale ?

Nothing i the Suspense account.
Where to look net ?

I meant next

I hope I’m understanding you right.
If you have the receipt marked as pending, just go to EDIT the receipt and change the status.

Yes OK
And do I just enter the received money as a deposit ? No checking against the ones paid for apart from changing the Pending to Cleared ?

G1 on the GST Calculation Worksheet now is correct, but entering the payment just as a Payment will make the bank figures incorrect.
More help needed here, with thanks.

You can enter the payment as cleared and give it a clearing date later than your bank statement date. You then be able to reconcile your bank account and the GST should be correct

Thanks Joel, Is this what you mean ?
I purchased 2 items for Yama Kids on my ProMa account, and delivered 2 dozen eggs at the same time.
They paid me COD.
The entries below do not seem correct.
Assistance please.

You need to show the Edit screens for these transactions

How did you get the golden looking Manager?

Thank you I will do that tomorrow