GST amounts now in Suspense account

I just noticed that my GST Payable account has a huge negative balance. This didn’t make any sense until I noticed a similar (positive) amount in the Suspense account. So it looks like every GST amount on every item of every invoice (for purchases and sales), has disappeared from the GST Payable account and ended up in Suspense. (My payments to the ATO are still in the GST Payable, hence the large negative balance now showing.)

Sigh. This isn’t the first time historical transactions have ended up becoming corrupted, with things ending up in Suspense that were never there before. The important question now is, how do I fix this? Manager handles GST automatically when ‘GST 10%’ is selected in the tax field, so… Is there a fix that doesn’t involve re-entering thousands of invoices? :worried:

It’s okay, I worked it out. In Settings > Tax Codes > GST 10%, the Account had changed to Suspense. I changed this back to GST Payable. Fixed.

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