Greek translations and tracking codes


I have noticed after the last update:

  1. the translation of “Goodσ Receipt” to Greek as “Αποδείξεις” are not probationary term, I think that it is better the term “Δελτίο Παραλαβής”
  2. The field “Tracking Code” is disappeared from many forms, like Sales Orders, Purchases Orders and I don’t know, if there are some others. Is there any reason for these? It was very helpful to have this field in these forms

Thank you and keep up the good work

  1. If you’d like to contribute to Greek translations, join
  2. Tracking Code is not relevant on sales orders or purchase orders. It really served no purpose so it has been removed from those forms.

I agree that it may have no accounting purpose on those forms, however when you set up those forms so that when they are cloned though from document to document its a better workflow not needing to remember to add the tracking code later. The change makes the system less user friendly.

@lubos My opinion is that if you “see” the tracking code as a tool to track projects as I was doing till the change then it will make sense to have it in these forms. Till today I was made an offer to the customer and if the offer were accepted, a purchase order were created with a tracking code was created in order to follow the project, so the tracking code field in each item line of Sales Orders, Purchases Orders Goods Receipts, and finally in Invoices and all these makes you sure that you didn’t forget anything from the project. For this reason my suggestion is to bring them back to Sales Orders, Purchases Orders, Good Receipt, Delivery Notes, and keep them to Invoices for every item line, because its line could be from a different project in these forms.

About translation I will follow your suggestion.

Thank you

I will change the translation for the Greek, but that term relates to a specific business type (selling goods) as the translated was more generic and fits all (and the “provide service” businesses).

Everyone can change that with the templates system now.

So i will change it to reflect better the original witch is goods oriented. Unless our friend pandhm has done it already.

I did a mass correction of 200 segments in the translation! I included that also.

Antonis I have suggest 7 or 8 correction already…

How can you do a mass translation?

Is there a file you can download, or you do it in the web interface of the

What you mean by “templates system”

Even for the services I believe that my suggestion “Δελτίο Παραλαβής”, fits better :wink:

That’s why i did it.

With the templates system, you can customize your printed documents so that “Δελτίο Παραλαβής” can be what ever you like. But the program translation must be as close to the intended purpose.

Lubos can you confirm that “Goods Receipt” is intended for receipts about receiving goods to your inventory?

You can do the translation with the web interface. What other translations have you got in mind. Please before changing them start a discussion about them with your reasons, so we can see your point. If thats not obvious or not translated.

I mostly corrected payslip’s terms and the goods receipt.

We have to wait for a new version for the translations to be implemented though.

Yes. That’s the purpose.

I was going by the principle of deferring user input until required. For the same reason, the account column is hidden as well when creating non-accounting documents.

I’m reluctant to bring it back unless there is some report or something that takes advantage of this data. A lot of users are using tracking codes as a way to track jobs. This is something I need to tackle further as tracking codes are not really the most user friendly way to track jobs at the moment.

@lubos, indeed this is not the most friendly way but for the time being is the ONLY way, besides it not make any harm if the tracking code is there in these forms, it could stay till there is a better way i think