Negative Qty to receive after debt note

I returned few items by debit note to supplier. It reduced payable and inventory value, but at same time I see negative qty to receive. How can it be removed, please

Presumably you are using the Goods Received tab?

The return of goods to a supplier is entered as a Goods Received Note with negative quanties

Yes, but it should qty to receive 0, y it shows -9 or etc the qty returned

You are going to have to analyze the history of the item transaction by transaction. This is not something that can be diagnosed remotely. But Manager’s inventory management works. So if something is incorrect, it is because of what you have entered.

Unsure if you have resolved this but the return of items needs to be the opposite of the acquisition, as you are using the Goods Received then these are the actions.

When acquiring:
Purchase Invoice and the Goods Receipt with positive quantity numbers

When returning:
Debit Note and the Goods Receipt with negative quantity numbers.