GL Summary Report - Incorrect Totals

The GL Summary report publishes incorrect Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable “Totals” when the Customers (Receive Money) or the Suppliers (Spend Money) are processed without nominating any Invoice number - the automatic payment distribution method.

NOTE: both the Accounts Receivable and the Accounts Payable totals within this report are similarly affected but only the impact on the Accounts Receivable account is illustrated below.

There are two unpaid invoices listed under the Sales Invoices tab

The ABC Company invoice receives a payment by not selecting an invoice number

The KLM Company invoice receives a payment by selecting an invoice number

The GL Transaction report shows all the data correctly

The GL Summary report should equal a summation of the GL Transaction report however note how the Accounts Receivable “Debit/Credit” totals have increased from 270 to 390.

By clicking on the Accounts Receivable “Total debits” figure you will see that a erroneous Bank Transaction has been added to the Sales Invoices. This bank transaction matches by date the Receive Money where the invoice number was not selected

The contra for this erroneous transaction appears under the Accounts Receivable “Total credits” figure - where it is shown as a duplication of the original dated entry.

The deceptive totals for these two accounts would become increasingly magnified with every Receive / Spend Money entered without an invoice number being selected.

Thanks. Fixed in the latest version (17.12.38)