Charging for data entry

hello, I wanted to know if I install Manager for a client then charge them for data entry and maybe training, will I be committing a crime or a breach in any way?

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The developer’s position has been that you can use the program however you wish.

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thanks for your feedback

You are providing a service not provided by the software itself so changing for that is appropriate.

However if you said or implied ongoing use of the software was not possible without payment to you, then that would be inappropriate.


Thank you for the clarification.

There is a nuance there if offering business space on a server edition then one could stop that service but the user should be able to have a backup of that business and then download the free Manager desktop software and import that business.

That capability already exists.

Yes, I know that is why I mentioned it in response to @Patch related to payment for use of software by clients from @TSGAnalytics

I thought you would know, but could not tell with certainty from your post.