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Is it possible somehow to see the details of ledger by a specific account. E.g i want to see the ledger for Accounts receivable only or Ledger for Expenses only.

clicking the blue figure against any account shown in your Summary page will give you the transactions related to that account.

No, i meant isnt there an option that shows me the ledger for receivables only, i mean the double entries for receivables only rather than an entire summary of the ledger?

e.g an option such as Show ledger from account no: to account no:

like in the following example from another software.

Thankyou for you previous response.

have you checked the various reports available under the Reports tab?

Yes but those reports only provide a summary, However as an example i created a new account known as Cost of goods sold.

Now as this example i want the ledger for only cost of goods sold, to verify where the accounting entries have been debited and credited.


From the Summary tab, click on the blue balance of the account required and you see a list of transactions relating to that balance, if you want to create a report click export in the bottom right corner - you may need to scroll down first.

You probably should not have done this. By default, Manager automatically creates an account called Inventory - cost to which it posts the costs of goods sold. If you want, you can rename that automatic account. Only under unusual circumstances should your chart of accounts include a self-created Cost of goods sold account. Read the last topic in this Guide: Manager Cloud. (You may need to read the first two parts of that multi-part Guide to under stand it. Links to those are included in the Guide.)

I have one more question, if i create an invoice with more than a single page, why does it give 3 pages as print out with the first page completely “blank”.

I have a 2 page sales invoice.

I give print, the print gives out 3 pages and the first page is blank.

I tried it both via physical printer and via xps viewer, the total pages become 3 and first page is blank.

Is this when printing directly using the Print button or printing a PDF generated with the PDF button? And what operating system?

A few users have mentioned this problem, but it doesn’t seem to be widespread. So it seems to be related to operating systems or printer drivers, not a program bug.

Hello, Sir,

Thank-you for the reply.

It is with printing directly using the print button, “This does not happen when i do the PDF Export”.

It only happens with the Print button on top of invoice having more than a single page.


Then this is not under control of the program. It is a characteristic of your operating system.

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