Balance sheet

How can i generate balance sheet reports for specific period like from some particular date to another particular date

Go to Reports -> Balance sheet and select the dates you want.

thank you for the reply but my friend i dont see a option to select a range of date in the reports section of balance i mean from this date to that date. dont mind plz help

There is no range for dates in the balance sheet. Just set the date field.

A Balance Sheet report shows the state of the business at a particular date - it includes all transactions since the start date of the business

The report can show the Balance Sheet at one or more dates by adding extra columns using the Add Comparative column button

If you want to see the total of the transactions effecting Balance Sheet accounts, then you need to use the General Ledger Summary Report

If your business has been running for sometime, say since Jan 1, 2010, then you can’t select a Balance Sheet for a period of that time, say Jan 1 2014 to Dec 31 2018. however you can nominate different dates (by using the Add comparative column button) within that period and get a report of comparable figures for those dates.

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thank you all MR JOE NOVICA AND BRUCANNA thats a great help!!!