Bank Statement

Kindly assist me I need Download the Bank statement form Manager After BRS done Particular Period (Jan -Dec )2021

You cannot download bank statements from Manager, because they do not exist. You can download statements for defined periods from some, but not all, banks. If you can download from your bank, you can import to Manager following this Guide: Import bank statements | Manager.


thanks for your quick responses
My auditor Need One year statement separately from accounting System
I have 3 banks …If i check TB bank Accounts All of three Bank come Mixing ,
total of volume Bank its ok .

That has nothing to do with Manager. But I have trouble believing a bank cannot furnish statements for individual bank accounts.

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  1. Click on the Reports Tab

  2. Click on General Ledger Transactions

  3. Click on New Report

  4. Give it a name such as GL Transactions Bank 1 for 2021

  5. Select the start and end-date (for example 1 January 2021 - 31 December 2021 for the year 2021)

  6. For account select one of the bank accounts.

  7. Click create. All the transactions for that account will display for that period and also to which ledger in your accounting system you have posted each bank transaction.

Repeat this for each Bank account.

Note that @eko’s instructions will produce a report of transactions entered, not a bank statement, which must come from your bank.

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