Addition/subtraction of numbers in 2 separate lines

Please someone help .

Would it be possible to ADD/ SUBTRACT or MULTIPLY/DIVIDE the NUMBERS on 2 separate LINES of a SALES ORDER, SALES QUOTE or even SALES INVOICE?

Refer attached image…

The answer is both yes and no. Using a custom theme with arithmetic filters, you can perform calculations using both built-in and custom fields. See

However, and this is a big however, your illustration shows the concept of substituting the result of such a calculation for an important variable (Qty) Manager uses for a range of purposes. User-defined calculations in custom themes will help you display additional numbers. They function only when displaying a transaction, such as a completed sales quote. They do not modify the underlying transaction itself. Therefore, they cannot be used to replace a variable like Qty.

In your example, you might create a custom theme that would display the difference between your Open Reading and Close Reading custom fields. But you could not use that result in place of, or to populate, the Qty field for the line item.

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You can write or paste a calculation into a field and Manager will calculate the answer and store that value.

For example
Usage 431 - 281

I have used this by writing the source numbers in the narration / description, then paste relevant parts into Manager’s fields.

See Private vehicle use - worked example

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@Patch’s suggestion is described in this Guide: Perform calculations in number fields | Manager. Note that the calculation is not preserved after entry, only the result.

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The guide covers part of what I was suggesting.
The requirement was to store and display meter readings but charge based on the amount used.

Manager doesn’t have the ability to store formulas in numerical input fields , so cannot directly implement the users request.

The suggested work around was store the calculation in a text field in human readable format. Thus documenting raw meter readings.

Then paste the calculation into quantity, the guide explaining how Manager processes it.

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Appreciate that . I’ll give it a shot

@Lance To elaborate re your personal message
instead of having custom number fields for

  • Opening reading (= 281 in this example)
  • Closing reading (= 431 in this example)

Have a text field for “Usage” and set it in this example to
“431 - 281”
Alternatively use and existing text field such as description and include something in it like
“Usage: 431 - 281”

You can then copy and paste “431 - 281” into “Quantity” when entering the sales order

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@Patch, thank you. Ill try it and advise if it solves my question.