Generate general journal

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Could you help me in generating the general journal? I have tried but I observed that it was not capturing the entries in receipts & payments and inter account transfers, only in the journal entries alone.

Thank you.

All entries of payments and receipts are made using the Receipts & Payments tab.

Manager does not allow bank and cash accounts entries to be made using journal entries

@Joe91 Could you help me how can I generate the General Journal?

What do you mean by General Journal?

Have you looked at the reports in the General Ledger section
There are three reports available with increasing level of detail


General Journal – otherwise called the book of original entry, it is a recording of business transactions entered into the books based on the date of transaction, using the principle of “debit and credit”.

Yes, I already looked for that but that is for the General Ledger.

What I mean should look like the image below.

There is none. Not a lot of point in using an accounting package if it is only to reproduce a manual book keeping system

All the accounting entries are available by drilling down from the balances on the Summary page or index from any of the reports.

@Joe91 General Journal is one of the books of account that is required by the Bureau of Internal Revenue. And now, I am trying to figure out how can I produce a General Journal report through Anyway, thank you for responding. :slight_smile:

@Valentine_Bautista, I think that if you research the definition of “general journal” and “books of account,” you will find them quite flexible. They will not mean exclusively the type of manual entry you illustrate in your example, which requires subsequent transcription to individual account ledgers. No computerized accounting system uses such a system as the means of original input these days, even if it has the ability to simulate one after the fact. The equivalent in Manager is the General Ledger Transactions report. You can also create various custom reports.

I think the purpose of @Valentine_Bautista is to make that report as basis or reference in writing on the manual books of account e.g. general journal. The Bureau of Internal Revenue in the Philippines requires the tax payer to write in that kind of format. We can also use this report to print and submit as a loose-leaf books of account together with the general ledger. I can recommend this software to my co-bookkeepers if this will happened.

@Aries_Gonzales_Carag, search the forum for discussion and example in recent days of a custom report for this purpose.