Automatic Journal Entries

Hello developers
I have an idea, why don’t we have a mechanism to allow receipts, payments, and transfers to be generated automatically to journal entries in Journal Entries tab?

It will solve the previous questions to make cash and bank accounts to be accessible into Journal entries.

Really? This has been discussed (search forum), explained in the guides and in the forum (search)

The guides at Make journal entries | Manager state:

Journal entries record accounting transactions of a business. The terminology refers to the days of hand-written accounting records, when daily transactions were were entered in a journal and later posted to individual account ledgers.

In Manager, most transactions are entered in other functional tabs, thereby automating many decisions about account posting and reducing errors. So journal entries are relatively few. Most record transfers between accounts. In fact, no transaction involving the actual receipt or payment of funds by a business can be recorded via a journal entry.

Now that we are in modern times using software such as Manager where receipts and payments can directly be posted to individual account ledgers rather than having to use an in between step of using a Journal entry, I would not advocate to go backwards.

You are taking this out of context and as far as discussions on this these have not been concluded. The request was that maybe some payments and receipts should be considered to be made through Journal entries. It does not mean that we are all waiting for numerous Journal entries that can be avoided by direct postings. I for one will not support any move where we will end up for no reason with an enormous amount of Journal entries.

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Because that is an entirely unnecessary step. All transaction types you mention already allow recurring versions. There is no reason to have one type transaction duplicated to another, especially not to a journal entry.

Further, no transaction is ever generated automatically in Manager. Reminders are provided when recurring transactions are due to be created. But the creation process always required active control by the user.

Thanks to @eko and @Tut for explanation, but at least can we have something like as a report?

I use a Custom Report to produce a list of transactions in journal format.
These are the parameters I use for this Custom Report:

Before trying a custom report, make sure you cannot get what you want from the General Ledger Transactions report.