Generate Custom Report for all $0.00 Invoices

Hello, is there a way to generate a custom report to show all $0.00 Invoices? Now I it can be sorted when viewing the Sales Invoice screen which is great but not ideal for presentation. Under custom reports when using GL data we appear to be able to select “amount” but that option reveals any $0.00 Sales invoice or purchase invoice. Sales Invoice data does not appear to offer an amount selection to filter on.

Your question is not clear. Why would you have $0.00 invoices?

What does this mean?

When querying the sales invoice table, you are not querying transaction data. You are querying heading information

I will keep it real simple…

Or an invoice of any particular $ value in custom reports?

There is a business reason for this report.

No to both questions. When you query general ledger transactions, you are querying individual line item amounts, not invoice totals. The way to get what you want is to sort the Sales Invoices tab by Invoice total and export. You only need to copy the relevant rows when exporting.

They also could search for $0.00 or the value needed to only display the transactions matching that amount.

Familiar with the export process but fiddly I was hoping a custom report could have this capability as it guarantees some report standardisation.

Its Shows only Customers that have no transition during your given period.