Custom Report - amounts needed excluding the GST component

Hello I need some assistance with reporting please.
I have setup a custom report to pull sales data for each service engineer using the General Ledger Transactions. The report works fine but delivers the sales amount values including GST.

  1. Is there a selection in custom reports section that can present the amounts excluding GST ie. not the total amount on each invoice matching the criteria?

I have an account setup under revenue in the chart of accounts called “Billable Time - Invoiced”. This account collects the dollar value data of the engineer’s labour excluding the GST. I would like to access this data in the custom reports.

  1. Is this possible to query my “Billable Time - Invoiced” account? (because I do not seem to be able to identify it in the Custom Reports).
  2. Is it possible to query the “Item” code field in sales invoices? (This may also help me deliver an accurate report).
  1. Select Credit and add a filter to restrict the report to the income account.

  2. Do this as a filter (see #1 above):

  3. Yes:
    But note, this does not apply to non-inventory items, which you may be thinking of, because there are no ledgers for them. They are just entry shortcuts.

OK tremendous solved this way with your input. The query does involve non inventory items so I was a bit worried there would be a no go situation.

Part of the challenge was the "Amount (Sign reversed)

This is great thank you and the report delivers excluding GST data.