General Ledger report Improvement

I have a request for improving the general ledger transaction report. For our audits in our country it is required to make a general ledger printouts with all details corresponding to each GL account, (the same details I get when clicking on the amount (link) in trial balance). At this stage the general ledger transaction report is in my opinion of no use since it just lists all transactions with no reference when printed on paper. I would appreciate it greatly if this could be considered in future versions.

Thank you for a great program.

I will look into this soon. I don’t like this report myself the way it is now.


Could you include the Narration field in general ledger transactions report? Maybe as a subtitle of each journal entry.

Another thing that would be useful is that the report can be sorted by reference number and not only by date.

I appreciate these adds for the same heiko’s reasons.

Yes. It would be great if the general ledger transactions includes the Payee and Payer. Hope to see that soon :smile:

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I agree with angyen. I need to present transaction reports to my Management Committee for ratification. The reports are for a specific time period (usually month by month) and need to list the transaction dates, payer/payee and amounts. Even better if the report can show which bank account the transaction is from!

I am new to this software (4 days new), but at the moment all I think to do is to print a screen shot of each bank account’s transaction list and manually highlight the relevant time period.

Any advice most welcome!

On the page showing the transaction list, click the Export button and follow through the process. The result will be a TSV file. Then open Excel and import that file, treating it as a text file and accepting all subsequent default prompts (click Next on each). The result is a spreadsheet you can edit as you like.

Thank-you, Tut! Great work-around for the moment. :smile: