General Ledger


I find Manager a brilliant and easy to use. However one important report is missing. This is the “General Ledger”, a report that sets out transactions account wise, date wise. This is a vital report. Is there a work around to obtain this? If not can this be included please?

The typical format will be:

Account Name
Date Transaction reference Transaction narration Debit Credit Balance


Have you seen General Ledger Transactions report? Because it does just that.


No, the General Ledger transactions report is a listing of entries, date wise. It does not consolidate entries account wise. As you can see in the format I had sent, the ideal General Ledger would be account wise/ date wise.


You must be using some older version. Download the latest version which already groups transactions by general ledger accounts.


I fully agreed that the proper General Ledger Listing format should look as NSK has described. The best is to add in a column of X-ref (cross reference) for additions info e.g. cheque number, bill number etc.,
and show opening & closing balances for each account in order to tally with the Trial Balance.
I really impress the features & functionality of the Manager and hope that it will be improved in the near future. 16/06/2015