General Ledger entries


When we are inputting general ledger entries, do we have to enter them in chronological order or it doesn’t matter?


Manager is deterministic which means you can enter transactions in any order and will always end up with the same figures. In other words, whether you enter data in chronological order or completely random order will have no effect on your final figures.


I know that I will end up with the same figures, but when reporting, will it list in chronological order or the way that it was put in? I am just needing to clarify. Thanks!


The reason that I am stressing the chronological order is, I have just started helping a company and no one has been using a system to report the accounting and when I go to enter the information and then print the report, I was wanting it to print chronologically, so that it would look better going to the accountant. I can go through their stuff and put it in chronologically by date, but that will be more time consuming. I am just needing a starting point. The program looks like it will be beneficial to me, after I get started doing things the way that they need to be done.