Chronological Activity Report

We began using Manager in 2018. Previously we had used a spreadsheet and prior to that Quickbooks. As a result of these linear products the Internal Review Committee is accustomed to having a chronolgical report of all transactions. The report would list by date each transaction through Banks and Cash, and would be accompanied by all of the accounts affected by the transaction. The standard reports in Manager does not offer this style of report. I have examined the Custom Report option, but it does not seem capable of creating a report to meet the needs of the Internal Review Committee. Is it possible to create such a report in Custom Reports? If so, can someone walk me through the process to create the report? If this option is not yet possible, might it be included in the next update to Manager?

Why doesn’t the General Ledger Transactions report meet your needs. What you describe is like an old-fashioned daily journal from the days of hand entries that had to be transcribed to individual account ledgers. That’s not a very useful management review tool. That was an unavoidable bookkeeping tool from the days before computer accounting systems.

The General Ledger Transactions report would be more helpful. It organizes the information by account.

The Internal Review Committee has tried to use the GL transaction detail report. They find the bank transaction and then have to verify all of the accounts affected by that transaction. Currently they are flipping back and forth amongst all the account pages and this is very tedious. They want to see the activity grouped by dates rather than accounts so they can quickly confirm that the transaction is correctly recorded to the appropriate accounts. Yes this is very old fashioned from our view point, but this the only way they know to confirm every single transaction is correct. If the GL transaction detail report could be created and offer the option to be in chronoligal order (and identifies the account names) that would satisfy their expectations.

Start with this custom report and adjust to suit your needs:

Thank you Tut. I’ll employ this custom report tomorrow and reply back with results.

Tut, in the selection Account|Name, this returns the Control Account, ie Checking Account. We have six bank accounts. Is it possible to have this identify the name of the sub-account instead of the Control Account? I looked for the Guide for “Codes” but was unclear if this is the correct approach and how to apply the codes to sub-accounts.