General Ledger sequential numbering

Good day
Is it possible that all Ledger transactions (not quotes etc but only transactions that will appear in the general Ledger) get a unique sequential number associated to the transaction. I need this as my auditors need to be able to pull the general Ledger report with sequential numbers to when the transactions were put in relative to other transactions, the use this to confirm but no transactions will put in to cook the books before auditing.

You cannot do that. You can only sequentially number transactions of a given tape, such as sales invoices or receipts.

Do you offer custom development to the program at a fee of course or do you have developers that I can contact four changes that I would require in the program.

No and no.

@Tut please are receipt and payment numbered with different sequences or one sequence is used to record all receipt and payments?

The same sequence.

@Chrisjordaan I think you misunderstood your auditors. I believe they want a unique sequential numbering for every nature of transaction e.g Sales invoice, Credit notes, and Inter Account Transfers but not for every transaction. That is already being taken care of in Manager. You have the option to activate automatic sequential numbering/referencing or enter references manually.