G1 on GST Calculation Worksheet is wrong

No idea. I didn’t know I had the golden one. I hope you enjoy it !

3 edit screens to show the transactions in question.

I was hoping to see the tax codes used.

Also, the first and third transactions are tax inclusive whilst the second one is tax exclusive

But without seeing whole transaction it is not possible to give an opinion

Hi Joel, Are the above Edit screen shots what U need ?

No - as I explained in my last post

Another 3 Edit screen shots. Bank acc numbers are not the right numbers, like an acronym.
Re tax codes, the eggs are cash payments, tax free.

@JAV, let’s begin with the most obvious problem.The GST Calculation Worksheet and Profit and Loss Statement in post #1 do not include the transactions in question, because their end date is 29 February and the transactions all took place 24 March.

Next, you seem to be making inconsistent use of the GST Free tax code. You sold 2 dozen eggs to Yama Kids, but did not apply the code. So the worksheet will not pick up that sale. You then sold Yama Kids 2 dozen eggs again, this time using the tax code. Finally, you bought Vitamin C and Dishwashing liquid from ProMa without applying a tax code. (Were these purchases truly untaxed, or were they taxed at 0%?)

When sales and purchases are subject to taxation under a VAT scheme (even if at 0%) and must be included in tax filings, you must apply the relevant tax code to all purchased or sold line items. This is how the program knows to net input and output VAT against one another.

Thanks, I have corrected those mistakes.
Please remember I have only been using this program since January, a few weeks, and it is a steep learning curve transitioning from MYOB.
And in Ausralia we don’t have VAT .

Yes, you do. It is just called GST. VAT schemes are given many names around the world. They share the fundamental characteristic that taxes assessed and collected on sales are offset by taxes paid on purchases.