GST problem

I need to have all my GSTs both in & out. Where are the correct GST accounts ? Where should they be ? Liabiities & ??
GST paid in Assets has no balance.
And GST collected payable in Liabilities also has no balance.

What to do ?? Thank U.

I’d create GST Liability account on balance sheet in your Chart of Accounts, then select this account when creating GST tax code.

See: Create and use tax codes | Manager

Very helpfull. Thank U…

Julia A Vincent

Getting there, BUT … Using reports, the GST Calculation Worksheet has no entries, but several other reports relating to GsT DO have figures.
I have retraced my steps, but cannot find where the problem is.
Because i am a Primary Producer, I can claim all my paid GST, so have created an Asset GST account.
I need help again.
With thanks.

Hi Folks, I need to do my business activity statement in 3 days time, and I have had no answer to my last post.
Feeling desparate ! help please.

Do you have anything in the suspense account. if so you many have also come across this behaviour

Thank U. I will need to look at this later I need to go to town to attend to business today.

Hi Parch, Where do I find the Suspense account ? Been looking for it & can’t find it.

See this guide
Clear transactions in Suspense account

Thank you.

Thank U,

Done that, but the GST Calculation Worksheet still has zero figures.

What next do I need to do ?

Julia A Vincent

Probably better to edit your post to remove personal information.

Please post a screen shot of the:

  1. Edit screen for the GST Calculation work sheet

  2. Edit screen for the tax codes you mostly use

  3. Then if required the “Tax Summary report” with private information obscured.

You have not shown enough information to provide guidance on why your GST worksheet contains no data. That is why the above information was requested.

The GST Calculation Worksheet uses the built-in/localised tax codes - if you have set up custom tax codes, it won’t work

Also, unless you provide the information asked for, nobody can help you

  1. Edit screen for the GST Calculation work sheet

  2. Edit screen for the tax codes you mostly use

Tax summary report

GST calc worksheet Edit screen
Edit DST calc worksheet 2020-03-07 at 12.02.19

I take it this is the Australian “GST Calculation Worksheet”
When you loaded the “GST Calculation Worksheet” it also added the tax codes the worksheet uses
Tax codes
The worksheet access these tax codes via an associated UUID (unique identifier not normally shown). If use other tax codes they will not be included it the standard “GST Calculation Worksheet” calculations.

If you look at the tax codes in your business it will contain the above entries and the ones you have added (and are using). I suggest you use Find and recode bank transactions to find transaction using one of the tax codes you entered and change it to the equivalent tax code used by the localisation.
After which you should delete the tax codes you created (and will be no longer using)

The tax codes I use are in screen shot #2. They are the ones for Australia, & the only ones I need.
Whats next ?

You are wrong.
Which is why the GST Calculation worksheet is not working for you.
The tax code you have used is not appropriate if you want to use the GST Calculation worksheet.

Look closely at the screen shot I provided.

Having monitored this thread, @JAV, let me offer a few observations:

  • Your main issue is that you have used the GST tax code 212 times. This is not one of the Australian tax codes installed by the localization process here: So every one of those 212 transactions is being ignored by the GST Calculation Worksheet. The worksheet functions only with the tax codes for which it was designed. I do not know whether you installed some other localization or created the GST code yourself as a custom tax code. But there is nothing you can do that will make transactions using it show up on the worksheet. @Patch has already explained this and told you how to fix it.
  • When you were asked to post a screen shot of the Edit screen for the tax codes you use, you did not. You posted a partial list of tax codes installed from the Settings tab. You need to click the Edit button next to the relevant codes on that list to obtain what @Patch asked for.
  • Following up on the previous point, it looks like you have actually made what should be your most frequently used tax code, GST 10%, inactive. Therefore, you not only have not used it, you cannot use it. To read about this, see the last topic in this Guide: Create and use tax codes | Manager. If you had posted the Edit screen for that tax code, this would have been clear. Instead, the inactivation can only be surmised from the little bit of that tax code that shows in your screen shot. (It is greyed out.)

I chose GST because that is the terminology used in Australia. We don’t use the term GST 10% because we don’t need to.
What is the quickest way to change 200 entries from GST to GST 10% ?