Full Asking Detail License Server Edition

  1. If i just buy one license it can how much reused the license because if renew hardware or hardware failure or move server. ===> Question is… it also unlimited reinstall???

  2. You can start on Windows server, then go for Linux. Your license will be valid on all operating systems. ===> Question is… it also unlimited reinstall???

  3. The license you purchase includes 12 months of upgrades. After that, you can purchase maintenance plan with 50% discount which will give you access to another 12 months. ===> Question is… If next year i don’t want maintenance plan and at third year want take maintenance plan it can? Or must annually purchase?

  1. Yes
  2. Yes
  3. In this case you would need to purchase new license. Maintenance is about extending the original 12 months of upgrades so it needs to be extended before the original 12 months is up.
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for 3, means discount is offered if the maintenance fee (renewal license) is being made before expiry, if not will be quoted to original price?

Please Clarify @lubos, the license code only can be use once per computer?

The license will verify by online or will be verify by offline so I don’t need to go online? (Home use)


as Lubos answered to the first question in the initial post, you can use the license any number of times until it expires because if the hardware fails you will have to reinstall everything.

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Thanks @sharpdrivetek I misunderstood re-install as per computer instead unlimited installation for different computers at the same time for 1 license.