[17.6.93] Improving discount column on transactions

Start a new Sales Invoice and choose a customer. Then the Discount check-box will appear. If you don’t see it, post a screen shot.

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You are a couple hundred versions out of date. The current version is 17.7.6. The feature being discussed did not appear until 17.6.93. Make sure you are downloading from http://www.manager.io/server and not some third-party distribution site. Those are often out of date.

I have downloaded from manager.io/server
I got 17.3.20 verson

I notice you joined the Forum almost 2 years ago. Is your license out of date?

Download Desktop Edition, within Desktop Edition folder it includes Manager Server when installed.

I tried to update, But still i am seeing Manager 17.6.70 in my server Version.
Is Manager 17.6.70 is Latest. How to find.
Even i don’t see any releases in 17.6.70

is your license expired?

Even i am guessing so. How and where to check this.
If i need to Pay for Updates where do i need to pay for it.

i guess you had to upgrade before expiry of the initial 12 months license. else you will have to buy a new license.

@sharpdrivetek @lubos Is :point_up_2: True.

no Its not true… Server Edition is made for only one time Purchase…and you can use it for a life time.
If you use Server Edition then you do not need to purchase 2nd time… Just update new version by downloading the new setup file. @lubos @Tut can guide you batter.

Look at this answer… of @Tut

it will be better if you could please check the server edition page completely before posting wrong info.

server edition license is free for life on one-time purchase. but the updates and maintenance are only free for the first 12 months. after that you have to renew your license to get updates.

My life time word can mislead you…
I mean you will pay for maintenance… do not need to purchase again…
look the FAQ of the server Edition…

Yes that’s true…

I post in the reply in the reference of you above post… where you say … else you will have to buy a new… so I posted that… you do not need to purchase again…But in that I forget to mentioned about 50% Maintenance charge at every 12months… (And sorry for that…:frowning_face:)

the 50% renewal is when you buy upgrade package before the initial 12 month validity expires. if the validity is already expired you cannot buy at 50%, you will have to purchase the license again.

take a look at the below topic answered by @lubos

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There is currently no renewal mechanism in place so no matter when you have purchased the license, the latest versions are still available to you even if 12 months period has lapsed. This is because you can’t really purchase renewal yet so we are giving upgrades beyond 12 months at no cost for now.


Thanks @lubos. I have Updated to Later version and the following link helps to see the Latest Version https://mngr.s3.amazonaws.com/version.txt
Suggestion : If latest version number is shown in About page will be helpful to update.

Manager advances exremely rapidly, sometimes with multiple releases in a day. Important updates are announced on the forum in the Releases category. You really don’t need to install every update. Most address issues invisible to the user.

Thanks Lubos for this improvement. Sorry I have to re-open this topic again and suggest further improvements to it.

As it is now, it becomes very tedious and time consuming to add discount to all the items in quote/invoice etc. line by line (though this feature is still needed where discount rates are different per item) especially where the discount is to be applied to a whole quote/invoice etc. containing a large number of items in it. These are my suggestions:

  1. introduce Apply discount to the whole quote/invoice. This should be calculated only on item total. for example
    * flat discount amount [ 2075 ]
    * discount percent [ 10% ]

  2. Apply line-by-line discount to specific items.

  3. There should be possibility to hide discount column on invoice print out.

  4. Pls let discount total be displayed just below the Sub-Total at the summary column. This will give clear info on how much discount has been offered.

NOTE: When these are done there will be no need to display discount column on quote/invoice print output when the discount rate is same for all items.


This cannot be done because different line items might be posted to different accounts. If the discount is applied only to the total, Manager doesn’t know how to allocate. And if a return or debit/credit note is necessary, you need to be able to recover the discount that was associated with the line items returned or adjusted. This reasoning applies to your points #1, #3, and #4.

This is what currently happens.

If it is important to you not to show your customers the discount they are receiving, edit the unit price to include the discount.


I much agree with your explanation on #1 concerning the posting into accounts. Maybe my use of whole invoice/quote should have been all items. However, my concerns here is about going going back to an invoice applying discount one by one. I think we should be able to instruct manager to apply same discount to all items at a go. This is possible in some systems.

On #3, I disagree with u. I still believe this should also be possible because manager handles similar issues in terms of tax. We should be able to deside whether the discount column should appear or not.

On #4 too I disagree. Is better for the total discount given to appear in the summary portion of a quote/invoice whether it is calculated line-by-line or whole.

I still believe the developers need to take a second look at the discount presentation. I do use a system that fulfils these.