Freezes on Ubuntu


Whenever I visit the Check for Updates or Forum sections of the app, the app freezes upon clicking through to the external content - meaning, when I click the Download link, my browser opens to the download page and Manager freezes. I simply force close and then reopen. Manager opens quickly so it’s not a big deal but I thought you should be aware.

Manager has a pretty slick UI but there are a few things that could be improved. Overall, thanks for making a great piece of software!


I’m actually aware of this. It happens on Ubuntu only and the bug is in third-party library, that’s why it hasn’t been fixed yet.


Is there any update on this? Can you please name the 3rd-party library?

Experiencing this issue with a fresh install, Ubuntu 13.10 x64, Manager 14.2.17.


I will do some isolation tests to see if I can narrow down the source of this issue.


I am new to this great software and starting a business using it. The program freezes after I click on the “Guides” tab. The web page loads but when I go back to Manager nothing works and I am stuck on the last tab I clicked. Using Ubuntu 12.04. Manager 14.10.23 now upgraded to 15.0.31 and still same problem. I have to force quit and reload program. Thanks for help in advance.