Crash on Linux when opening links in external browser

The application crashes when it opens a link in the browser. I am using the Ubuntu version on Debian sid 64-bit.
I am using the 13.10.5052.16554 version but it has been like this ever since I installed it.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Click on Forum.
  2. Click on any topic.

This is an issue with third-party library. It will be fixed soon.

Hi I thought this issue was a result of an old version of my MINT13 OS and an earlier version of Manager, however I have updated (new installation of everything) and now only have standard MINT 17 programs and latest Manager - and now if I go to forum and open any topic - Manager Just closes. Previously Manager would hang. While this is not a real problem for me as I will just not open the forum from within Manager. If I have previously opened the forum in Firefox (my default browser) , and then open Manager I have no problem. If anyone else is having this problem, would it be worthwhile to remove the link in Manager ( I love the fact that it is there but if there is a problem - best not temp fate) as I imagine if a lengthy process or even a simple entry is interupted it could be either lost or worse - the data base corrupted.