Product suggestion - paying multiple invoices on a single supplier

Imagine paying multiple invoices to a single supplier:
You go into Receipts and Payments, select New Payment and fill in all the main details.
You select the account as “Accounts Payable”
You then drop down to select the supplier
You then have a drop down to select the invoice. The issue here is that it offers you in the drop down box, every invoice associated with that supplier whether paid or not paid. Why not have the ability to select only the ones that have not been paid?
When you select an invoice it would be good it it defaulted to the total value of that invoice. I do understand that you may not be paying the full amount but invariably you do,.At the moment you have to write down all the invoice numbers and the amounts in each.


Hello @netconuk

I have been doing it the same way as you for years until I found this easy way (I wish I had found sooner!)

In your case, (Accounts Payable),
Just click Reports Tab, then click Supplier Statements (Unpaid invoices) click View to view the Statement then click Copy to then click New Payment and there you have it, a new payment with all totals filled in.

Same method with Accounts Receivable just click ( Customer Statements (Unpaid invoices) )

Great time saver!

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Because there may be some valid reason you want the payment allocated to a specific invoice, even if it is already paid. Perhaps you have a arranged a change with the supplier, but the revised invoice from the supplier hasn’t shown up yet. Same thing is true about sales invoices when receiving money from customers. A customer might deliberately or accidentally specify money for a designated invoice. You would not want to apply that money elsewhere.

This has been discussed many, many times previously in the forum.

If you want this behavior, view the invoice and click New Payment from there. The payment form will be filled in for you with the value of the invoice.

Don’t feel too badly, @itmoto. That capability was only added a year ago, without much fanfare.

I’m glad I hadn’t missed it for that long @tut!

It is a great feature that needs some fanfare I think.

It’s in the table in this Guide: Not a lot of fanfare, but it does show up if you search the Guides.

And now the next question:
I imported a lot of banktransactions via a MT940 transaction file. The “Copy to and New Payment” method doesn’t work here. Why does Lubos make it so inefficient by showing all invoices and only invoice numbers. Is it that complicated to show only the unpaid invoices with the individual balance? If somebody wants to allocate a payment or receipt to an already paid invoice he should be able to do so, but I doubt if that will happen often. This is a renewed request for making Manager more productive and efficient to use.

@itmoto That is absolutely brilliant. Bottle of Champers for you! WOW!!!


@itmoto - just one little thing. When I do what you suggest, I get all the invoices with no VAT applied and I have to drop down each one. How do I automatically apply VAT to everything?

VAT is applied to line items on the purchase invoices, not to payments. The balance of the invoice already accounts for the tax.

@Tut - Yes but it has to be accounted for in the VAT return. So in the screen that @itmoto mentioned (the report) of all the invoices to be paid to a single customer I have to click the drop-down on all the entries to set to the correct VAT amount. I was wondering if I’ve missed something somewhere that sets this automatically.

As @tut said, if you view one (or all) of the purchase invoices you are paying for in one transaction, all the items (I presume) have already had the VAT applied.

The report shows invoice totals including VAT.
You don’t need to add the VAT again.

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