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Hi, I’m trying to add a default text onto each quote & invoice. I’m having a real hard time to do this. I can add custom fields, and have them populate with the default value for quotes. For invoices, when setting the default value for a custom field, I have to select a customer first. So that doesn’t work. I’m using Manager 18.1.62.

I’ve looked at the forum, and found similar questions in and, but I don’t see a notes field anywhere. Is it removed/replaced with the latest version? Thank you

Select a customer, and then enter the default text.

Then clear the customer, and click save.

It will still save the default value for the text field, even though that field disappears when the customer field is cleared.

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That was… quick, simple and unexpected. But I can confirm it works. A big thank you to you, ShaneAU. I wish I had asked sooner instead of swearing like a sailor for 2 days :grinning:

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It’s not exactly intuitive :slight_smile: We’re hoping for a more user-friendly option, but for now this is the workaround… so we have a way to achieve it, until the developer finds a more permanent solution.

This also explained in the Guide on form defaults. Always check the Guides first to save time and trouble.