Font size in reports

Is there a way to change the font size in reports?

No. Only sales invoices can be modified by using customized view templates.

Thanks, Too bad.

Why do you want to change font size though? Make it smaller so more information fits? Or larger?

I would support a smaller font in general. I believe 12 pt Helvetica (or something very similar) is used in most places, and that is larger than most people find comfortable to read. Plus, it uses a lot of real estate. I would opt for 10 pt.

I agree : smaller. Alternatively an export function (so one can grasp the Information and modify it in another application) would help.

I would like to see a smaller font size. 8.5pt is a minimum standard font size for readability so 10pt would be great. I find the current font size too big and takes up too much page space (page real estate). Can there be a general setting to change the overall font size and possibly the font as well? I don’t mind Helvetica myself but some may wish to use a serif font.

I will add an option to set font size on reports. Remind me if you don’t see it in the program by end of this month.

Thanks Lubos.
Will this font size change also include quotes & invoices? Would there be a way to add an option in settings to be able to adjust the font size throughout the entire program to suit each users needs and requirements?

Currently, the Sales Invoice prints in two different font sizes (one size for most text and a slightly smaller size for the customer’s address), which is distracting. Please consider making all the text the same size, but allowing the user to increase or decrease that size.

FWIW, I find that the current size of the main text on Sales Invoices is perfect, while the size of the customer’s address is too small.

I don’t see this. Other than the INVOICE title, all text looks the same size except the Invoice Summary field, which is a couple of points larger.

I stand corrected. It’s on Customer Statements that the customer’s name and address are in a smaller font size than the rest of the document:

Sales Invoices don’t have this problem.

The issue of the customer’s address appearing in a small font size than the rest of the Statement still exists, as of v16.1.35.

(Statements only, not Invoices.)

At least by version 16.1.43, if not before, this formatting issue was corrected.

Hello, My whole Manager fonts have suddenly become smaller (I must have pushed some button inadvertently). Please let me know how to revert it all back to its original size,
Many thanks,

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