Font-size on invoices and quotes

Is it possible to change the font size on invoices/ quotes etc?
With all of the banking and security codes and numbers I have to have at the bottom of an invoice it is running into 2 pages with just a couple of sale items listed. This is okay when emailing invoices, but when you have to give paper invoices it looks a bit odd with another piece of paper with just a couple of line of numbers on it. Am I being a bit dumb and just missing something already on system?

Font-size can be changed only if custom HTML themes are used which a bit more technical approach.

See: Guides | Manager

Do you have payment advice cut-away enabled?

If yes, I would hide it for now. That will provide more space for your line items so your invoices fit on single page. In future, we will create some kind of compact HTML theme which you will be able to use to provide maximum space for your line items.

Thanks for the information. I will wait until you create your updates on this issue.