Default text size within application

How would I adjust the default text size within Manager? I have some visual difficulty, but not enough to need the Linux accessibility features. I just need to make all text with Manager a little larger. Is this possible?

When in Manager, try pressing CTRL & +. This should increase your font-size.

Also CTRL & - is to decrease the font-size and CTRL & 0 should reset font-size to default.

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Thank you for the quick response. I absolutely love Manager so far! I publish a local not-for-profit tax exempt newspaper and I am transitioning to Manager.

I am currently using Linux Mint 16 (64 bit) laptop with Manager desktop edition for Ubuntu (14.7.40). I attempted the CTRL +/- key combination prior to my original post. This key combination works perfectly in my browsers (Chrome and FF) but not in Manager. I have also increased Linux Mint’s system default font size. It has no effect on Manager.

For comparison, I have downloaded and installed Manager desktop edition for Windows (14.7.46) on a Windows 7 (64 bit) desktop. The CTRL +/- key combination works perfectly.

Other possible solutions?

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OK, then the solution I gave is not 100% cross-platform. Give me a week, I will find solution to this. It’s great usability feature anyway.

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