Change Request: Fixed Asset Summary Report

I would like to request to show ‘custom field’ at Fixed Asset Summary Report
Currently, I had added new field and checked “Show custom field on printed documents”, but those newly added fields are not shown at “Fixed Asset Summary Report”
Because we need ‘Purchase Date’ and ‘Depreciation Rate’ at ‘Fixed Asset Summary Report’ to submit Government for Tax Process.

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I suggest that you construct whatever report you need for your government in a spreadsheet by combining exports of the Fixed Assets tab listing (where your custom fields can be made to show) and the Fixed Asset Summary report.

I do not recommend this to suggest your idea would not be useful for you. I only want to point out the difficulty of incorporating what you want in a way that would satisfy all users. The Fixed Asset Summary already includes 7 columns that everyone uses at some point in the life of an asset. There would hardly be room to squeeze in more. And nothing guarantees that adding your purchase date and depreciation rate would satisfy anyone but you. You might think your 2 fields would fit. But what happens when someone else wants 5 more with different information?

There are many more parameters that other users might request and may be adding with custom fields. Here is the result of two minutes of thinking; there are probably lots more:

  • Date in service (as opposed or in addition to purchase transaction date)
  • Depreciation calculation method (for other than fixed depreciation rates)
  • Cost recovery period
  • Revaluation method
  • Revaluation interval
  • Original cost (if using a revaluation method)
  • Projected disposal date
  • Accelerated cost recovery eligibility
  • Tax incentives applied
  • Anticipated salvage value
  • Transportation and installation portion of depreciable cost

None of those figure directly into calculation of book value (which is what the program determines). But all can be critical for effective management of fixed assets, depending on local rules. Here again is a situation where the program could be customized for one at the expense of others, but where present capabilities allow satisfaction of individual needs.

thats what custom fields are about it is only for that user to satisfy that user not satisfy another user other wise it would not be a custom field

it is the users problem if report runs over 2 pages alot of my reports run over 2 or more pages

Normally, when that feature is on user is expected to see them when printing
This is core feature of manager
Sometimes you had negative thought on user perspectives
I don’t know why did you behave like that

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That feature applies only when viewing or printing transactions, not reports. Report content is hard-coded.

I am sorry you feel I had a negative perspective. I did not. I only explained the reasoning behind the program’s design.

Latest Version, there was “Depreciation Rate” at Fixed Asset Registration.
Is this possible to show “Depreciation Rate” at Fixed Asset Summary Report?

I suspect the answer is the planned custom reports will enable you to create that report then use it repeatedly. But that’s just my guess.

The depreciation rate, by itself, is useless unless you know the depreciation method being used. So that would immediately mean two more columns. And that takes you back to your beginning post in this topic and my first answer. The Fixed Asset Summary is not meant to describe every possible bit of information about an asset and its depreciation. It only summarizes transactions affecting book value.