Fixed Assets by Value report does not show custom fields

You can see that in the Fixed Assets tab when enabling it in Edit Columns (bottom of the screen that lists the assets.

You can see it on the View screen and, if set up correctly, as a column of the Fixed Assets tab listing. You cannot change the content of a built-in report beyond the variables provided on its definition screen.

See my reply here.

@Tut, Hallelujah and pass the cabbage. Now if I can work out how to print that in a report I’ll have the mayonnaise to make coleslaw.

Now how do I make appear in the Field Listing for a custom report?


It can be done using Classic Custom Fields but not any of the new custom fields.
In Custom Reports select the “Custom Fields” option - not the CustomFields2 option

See Allow custom field type on sales invoice lines - #9 by lubos More specifally:

Classic Custom Fields is the old implementation. You should not be creating new custom fields under Classic Custom Fields section anymore.

I presume that @lubos is reading the posts I have made about the fact that the functionality existing in Classic Custom Fields does not exist in the new custom fields.

The new custom fields have been touted as being part of improved functionality in Custom Reports and for replacing the functionality that will be lost in obsolete items such as custom themes.

It would be nice to know where it is headed because it has been nearly a year since these things were promised. At the moment it appears that things are in reverse.

See this post on 5 May 2023 by @Lubos about another but similar concern related to step bakwards: Status Column (Sales invoice countdown feature) - #52 by lubos more specifically:

I see this situation as taking one step backwards so we can make two steps forward. Maybe those two steps forward are not obvious now but they will be soon…

I have recently read that post - catching up after an enforced absence from the forum due to health issues.

I am encouraged by the remarks by @lubos, and I am sure that he would sanction the use of some of the obsolete features in the meantime.

In my earlier post I quoted him: