Custom fields have disappeared in fixed asset report

Deprecation rate in asset report How do I get my custom field in fixed asset to my fixed asset report and I had set up custom fields then I updated manager and all my custom fields were lost is that normal

What do you mean all your custom fields were lost after upgrade? Are you saying you had custom fields on fixed assets and now they are all gone?

Custom fields can be set to show as columns when you set them up or edit them in Settings => Custom Fields. But that only applies to the register of the Fixed Assets tab. They have never shown on the Fixed Assets Summary.

I personally have several custom fields for my fixed assets, and they have never been lost through many, many updates.

Yes I put a custom field in fixed assets and when I went to upgrade as you have added some cool features I lost them I assume they don’t transfer over to the new one. how can I get my custom field to come out on my report can I do it through custom reports

Can you show a screen shot of the custom field list for fixed assets in Settings? I have difficulty believing they actually went away. If they are listed back in Settings, but don’t show in the Fixed Assets register, can you click Edit on one of them and post a screen shot of what shows?

Wait a second. You are talking about two issues here. First of all, let’s forget about reports for a minute.

Go to Settings, then Custom fields. Are you saying custom fields created for fixed assets are gone on that screen?

No the ability is still there but my custom one I made under fixed asset has gone

Could it be that custom field was deleted by accident? It’s not possible to delete custom fields any more if they contain data but that was added only a week ago or so.

Not sure it is no big deal as I can not get to come out on report so I really dont need them untill I can get them on the report so will redo them once I can do that

Custom fields won’t show on reports though. That feature hasn’t been implemented. They can show as columns under Fixed Assets tab.

Yes I know I can wait untill you implement it you are busy. I have converted another user from xero to manager yesterday :slight_smile: