Custom fields on Fixed Asset Report

Hi, I’ve recently coded all my assets using a custom field. On running the Fixed Asset report it obviously doesn’t show the custom field but I was wondering if this is possible somehow. I haven’t been able to locate the underlying report template so would appreciate any help in getting these codes to show on my report. Thank for your help.

About fixed asset, it also important for the custom fields for fixed asset to have the “show field as column” option

Hi yes, I’ve read that in the guides but can’t find this option either when creating the custom fields or within the fixed asset itself. The option to have tie "show field as column only shows up on certain reports.

The option to show custom field as a column under Fixed assets tab has been added to the latest version.

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That’s perfect. Thanks for doing this so quickly Lubos, its really appreciated.

Hi Lubos, I’ve just run the Fixed Asset Summary report and unfortunately the custom code is not showing against each asset even though I have the “show field as column” option checked in the custom field settings. Please could you advise what I’m doing wrong as it would be very useful to have the coding show on the report. Thanks for your help, as always it’s very much appreciated.

The custom field shows as a column when looking at list of items under Fixed assets tab.

If you want to show custom field on a report, then that’s not currently possible (although custom reports will make it possible in future)

Hi Lubos, thanks for the update. I’ll keep an eye out for the custom reports. Again, thanks for such a quick response.