Status Column (Sales invoice countdown feature)

I also concur with Tut and the others. The edit columns feature is great, but the status column as it was before made it much easier to see what was due for payment and when.

@Joe91 sorry, are you developer?

@lubos can you please advise on request of NUMEROUS users to go back to old system for “status column” ?

Hi, is it possible to merge both columns?

@N_G there are further improvements to Edit Columns function coming up. For example, you will be able to create custom views and I think it will get you closer to what you are after.

Yes - the old approach was good in some ways, but also limiting in others. I’m pretty sure once you see further improvements to Edit Columns, it will start making more sense. And if not, we will continue addressing this issue until the result is acceptable.

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Why would you want to merge two different concepts?

I think that the status column already indicates what is happening so rather than having separate columns for number of days related to each status it would make sense just have a column stating number of days next to the status column. So if status is Overdue then if 5 is in the Days column it would mean 5 days overdue and if status would be Days to due date these 5 Days would signify that.

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Hi @lubos,

Is it an option to put the “old” column back so that the users can choose which column they want to use.


The new edit columns feature is interesting. My problem, not sure if it relates to this thread or not is the sort order of invoices. Previously all unpaid invoices were first, Followed by all paid invoices.
Now, paid and unpaid invoices are all mixed together without an option to sort by paid/unpaid.
What i’d like to see is almost like a group by view where paid and unpaid invoices are separate and can then be sorted by date.

Anyone know how to make this happen?

But you can sort on the status column (includes paid, due in, etc)

Yes, you can.
It used to be with the single status column, that the default sort order was by status. I’m not sure if it was just an unintended consequence or not but in effect what was being done was a sort by status and then a sort by date, almost like a multi level sort.
Now with the multiple status option this doesn’t quite work that way. I wish it still did.

I believe one of the idea of Edit columns is to have the ability to declutter and power to choose our screen views. While i do like the edit column feature and the idea to declutter, these 2 columns just provide the same concept of information - due date as starting point whether negative or positive.

I do not think it is about decluttering but about showing in the tab screens the information useful to a particular business.

@Lubos hinted that he is also working on the “view” screens which is the information that shows up when looking at for example a receipt or invoice. However, that in my view should come with the possibility to add CSS components so one can have view screens conforming corporate styles.

@lubos thanks for your reply. let’s see update.

@Frankie yes, I also don’t understand why new columns couldn’t exist along with “old” status column. With “old” status column everything was just perfect.

can ANYBODY name the reason why he wants '‘new’'style status column (considering they have two new columns for due/overdue) ???

@Lubos, the developer already answered this, which you even acknowledged. So not sure who else can answer this.


Personally, I would prefer the older system. I think it was much better.

To me, it seemed more clearer and kept the application looking neat.


Is it possible to return the status column to the way it used to be? In the version, It used to be very helpful and kept the application clean but still having enough information. If feel the new feature is making the application look cluttered.

I would like to add my voice to everyone else complaining about the new statuses. I think the edit columns feature is a great idea. I will certainly be removing columns of information I never use! But like many others I fail to understand the logic of creating three columns for information that used to exist in one column.

The original status column concept was really good. Colour Coding and showed relevant information such as number of days due date as well as number of days overdue! It was a very good design as it showed a lot of information in a very small space. It was much clearer.

The new columns Days Overdue and Days to Due Date can show the information, but it looks very untidy compared to the original design and secondly just wastes precious retail space. It is also less clear visually speaking.

Can the Columns Days Overdue and Days to Due Date be removed and the information restored back to the Status Column where it actually belongs! The new design is a massive downgrade! There may possibly be one or two people who wanted to hid the Days Overdue and Days to Due Date, but the majority of Manager Users like the old format. Please restore as the new feature is a really massive downgrade and visually speaking it looks terrible.

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Actually nobody has asked for the “new column layout”. What I’m looking is where Manager is heading and the old status that captured so much information in so little space was incompatible with upcoming reporting capabilities. You can already see why when you use Advanced Search function. Every column in Manager was of some primitive data type (text, number, boolean, date or enum) but the old status column was amalgamation of both number and enum.

I see this situation as taking one step backwards so we can make two steps forward. Maybe those two steps forward are not obvious now but they will be soon…

Why does it have to be one or the other? Is it not possible to have the functionality of the old system and the benefits of the new system? Speaking for myself, when I upgrade the live system to the latest version, I won’t be using the extra columns as I find it untidy. So I will essentially be losing functionality that I currently have. There must be a way to have our cake and eat it!

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