Generate pdf

There is a problem since 2 days ago when I press pdf button to generate pdf from the sales invoice

Firefox can’t find the file at Manager Cloud.

Check the file name for capitalization or other typing errors.
Check to see if the file was moved, renamed or deleted.

Also another problem is when we create the purchase invoice normally it should show the invoice created but now it just show a empty invoice screen

I’m using cloud version

Looks like Firefox is trying to open the pdf document. maybe needs updating.

Do you have Adobe acrobat reader or another app like foxit reader installed? if yes make it default app to open pdf files.

I use firefox for manager for long time and didn’t change anything, all in sudden this problem arise.

I updated to latest firefox, no help.
uninstall and re-install: no help

I press the “PDF”

Then it show

This is the setting of applications

if I go to “new purchase invoice”

normally it should show the purchase invoice screen with data entered but it simply show this

Please look into this, it just start happening in these few days

I got 3 computers using firefox, all have the same problem from few days ago.

I’m sure there is something changed in cloud side otherwise not possible to have all computers have the same problem from the same day.

Could you please use firefox and do a testing and you should see the same result as mine.
I check use chrome, edge, is fine

Internal explorer, firefox have the same problem

Today 18 Jun 2018 checked again all issue solved, thank you