Fiscal Tax Invoice - Zimbabwe

In Zimbabwe, the title for all invoices charging VAT (which is at rate 15% at the moment) should now read, FISCAL TAX INVOICE (instead of the old Tax Invoice, which is currently in the Manager options). This is because of the new law on fiscalisation of all sales charging VAT.
May you help by including this requirement in the system’s VAT options, so that when one selects VAT 15%, the invoice title comes up as FISCAL TAX INVOICE?

please provide any official link to verify the requirements.

Your first link implies that invoices may be titled either Tax Invoice or Fiscal Tax Invoice to qualify as offsetting input VAT. Retail operators are required to use fiscal devices, but since Manager is clearly not a fiscal device, it does not seem appropriate for its invoices to be labeled as such. Can you furnish any official documentation to the contrary?

From the link below, Statutory Instrument 148 of 2016 (Part a) makes it mandatory for all categories of VAT registered operators to fiscalise their invoicing, starting from 1 December 2017. The deadline for fiscalisation has been set as 31 December 2017. In other words, all VAT registered operators should have acquired the fiscal devices and should print invoices bearing the fiscal codes at the bottom of their invoices, making all invoices Fiscal Tax Invoices. All companies charging VAT (15%) will have to produce Fiscal Tax Invoices. There shall be no option for Tax Invoices.

Sorry, @miscom, but the regulation applies to registers, not accounting systems. Having looked around the various ZIMRA regulations a little, I cannot find anything that says your accounting system has to be fiscalized. Manager really is not a retail POS device.

Thanks for the reply @Tut.
Everything about Manager is fine for us here in Zimbabwe. Its just that ZIMRA would like the invoice to have the title FISCAL TAX INVOICE for all companies charging VAT. That’s all.

Only for fiscalized registers and devices. As I read things, putting a Fiscal Tax Invoice on a document not generated by a fiscalized device could be illegal.

Everyone is now supposed to be using fiscal devices, inspected by ZIMRA, and the devices are attached to a computer. When one generates an invoice, the fiscal device prints its own “receipt”, and it also sends a code to the generated invoice (printed on another printer or otherwise). So, the generation of the fiscal invoice is not done by the Manager software, per se, but by the fiscal device.
Anyway, its ok if it cant be done. Thank you.

On all fiscalised systems the accounts application prints to a pdf virtual printer which lands in a hot folder. The fiscal software then picks out predetermined fields from the document and adds those to its memory. It then adds a verification code to the bottom of the form and hands it on to a real printer or folder if the invoice is to be emaild. The code at the bottom is what authenticates the document. With all this in mind you might see you way to adding “fiscal tax invoice” at the head

Surely you can just use the “Custom title” option in the sales invoice form? If you want it to apply by default, just set it in the form defaults.

thank you