Invoice Label Changes

I have received a list of requirements to make my VAT invoices compliant with a new fiscal device system (I am from Zimbabwe).

I need to change “Invoice Number” to “Document Number” and column header “Tax Amount” to “Vat Amount” and “Total” to “Total Including VAT”

Pretty pathetic I know. Any help would be appreciated.

I’m not sure your wishes can be baked into the system, as this feature was designed with a broad user base in mind, using common language to be widely applicable.

However, if regulations in your country require it, it’s a good idea to show these regulations to the developer. maybe the developers will consider it.

If you consider it absolutely necessary, the easiest approach may involve using a custom theme, although it is worth noting that this feature may not last long on the system and is currently considered somewhat outdated.

Alternatively, you can develop a custom application to generate invoices, that connect to the Manager via API.

Some people use separate applications such as Excel or Word to create specialized invoices that Manager may not be able to fully handle.

From who?
Please find a link to your government official invoice labelling requirements. The developer as tried to accommodate official requirements in the past.

Good Day

Thanks for the quick response

This is the link to their official requirements which is outdated

Attached is a model invoice given to us. Even this has a contradiction in as much as it says “Invoice Number” not “Document Number”

I believe the core issue is that every field needs to be unique so that there is no confusion as to which data is harvested by the fiscal device so that it can integrate with the revenue collector’s system

Their aim is a real time system.

I have not been able to find an official specification. I doubt that it exists

The other attachment is our current invoice which I have been told is fine so long as I change some of the labels. So this is where I am stuck. Futher, I am sure that if I do the changes they will test it and then tell me some other requirement since they seem to be flying by the seat of their pants


Country-specific requirements should be baked into the system. It’s not something that users should customize for themselves over and over again.

And it also says Fical Tax Invoice. Also, it doesn’t appear law specifies whether it should be Invoice Number or Document Number. If you are referring to someone’s interpretation of the law, then they might be misinterpreting it.

Thanks Lubos. Nonetheless I have to make the changes. If I cannot do it in then I either have to post process or move to an application with a developed form customiseation module.

Is that web site your governments web site or a private corporation?

That reference links to what sounds like a Government definition.

Not sure how available that is

Hi Patch

ZIMRA is the revenue authority so that is the official website

I have attached the act referred to. I would believe it is of no help

@Stewart: I’ve flagged your last 2 posts as it contains personal info and a PDF, which is not very clever to post on a public forum and the PDF could be a security risk to other members.

The way I interpret the ZIMRA ruling is that the invoice must be issued from a Fiscal Device.
This link goes on to explain it in more detail, but it appears a computer does not qualify as a Fiscal Device.

There are three broad categories of the prescribed fiscalised devices and these are;

Fiscalised electronic registers, also referred to as electronic tax registers (ETRs);
Fiscalised printers; and
Electronic signature devices (ESDs)
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We use an ESD which requires a PDF of an invoice correctly formatted. ESD is integrated with ZIMRA’s server

Hi Lubos

I now have the official api for this system
Fiscal Device Gateway API v6.0 - clients.pdf (3.5 MB)

@Stewart this is similar to what other countries around the world are doing. I don’t have a solution yet but new API that I will soon make available will get us closer to the solution.

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thank you