Finish up Slovenian translation :-)

Hi, everyone.
I have taken some time to slightly improve (lol, mostly my own) users’ experience with Manager by thoroughly revising Slovenian translation and changing quite a bit by directly observing the changes taking effect in Manager. Some expressions are less relevant in our accounting system, but I was (still am) trying to make the translated version sound as natural as possible and am even in contact with authorities and official translators to make up for translations’ credibility.
One way or the other, I have a few questions: some expressions/phrases are not available for translation and some do not translate at all; what can be done about that? Some expressions also translate to improper conterparts - though clearly indicated in Englsih what they stand for. I would really appreciate your help as this translation has been in a standstill for too long and I plan to finish it now. :slight_smile: :wink: :grinning: I can, of course, provide the problematic strings, if you should need them, got most of them already written down.
Thanks a lot, guys!
Looking forward to meeting new people.

I wish you all a good start of a new day.

Zala, Slovenia

Which ones?

Which ones and why not?

Thanks for your contribution. If you can point out which strings cannot be translated, let us know. This would affect all languages, not just Slovenian.

I will prepare a complete list of expressions/phrases with specific problems defined. I got the answers I was looking for - help. I am a bit ignorant here, so, please, be patient. I didn’t know we can add expressions to be translated ourselves. Sorry. So, I just wanted to ask, how could I translate those words that are not in the list / what to do if some of them wouldn’t translate or translate into something else. Bottomline, I will pin the list mentioned to this discussion, I should have it done in a couple of days.
Yes, formally, I completed the translation to Slovenian, but it is definitely not finished yet (because of the problems explained). And am very happy to do my best for the best result and user experience.
Thanks for replying and have a good morning.
I’ll be in touch.