Finding future transactions


Is there an easy way to check what DATE a transaction has been posted. I have the following message appearing at the top of my SUMMARY – I only know of one transaction that is dated after the 24-Nov-20. I would like to find and check the other two, as I have no idea what they are ? Thank you

This summary is set to show balance sheet as at 24-Nov-20 and profit and loss statement for the period from 1-Nov-20 to 24-Nov-20 .
There are 3 transactions dated after 24-Nov-20 therefore they are not accounted for in this view.

The transactions referred to by the message are postings to the general ledger. A single transaction form can result in several postings, depending on what it is. There should always be at least two. But, for example, a sales invoice with one line item could result in a debit to Accounts receivable, a credit to Inventory - sales, a credit to Inventory on hand, and a debit to Inventory - cost.

You can see this for yourself by temporarily editing the transaction form you know about to today’s date, then changing it back.

To answer your question directly, any future-dated transaction forms are shown in red in the tab listings:

Screen Shot 2020-11-24 at 4.27.04 AM

Incidentally, that one form in my example is a payment with two line items. Neither is an inventory item. But it generates 4 future-dated postings.