Find&merge for customers and suppliers

Dear Lubos, possible in the future Find and merge option for customers and suppliers, because some time the user is mistakenly creating the same customer or suppliers

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On a similar note, it would make sense for the application to warn the user if they are creating a Customer or Supplier that looks like it might be a duplicate. Doing so would prevent this scenario from occurring in the first place.

A similar name or email address would be a clear indicator that the new record being created is a potential duplicate.

Then prompting the user: “It looks like this Customer/Supplier already exists, would you like to continue?”

Similarity of the name can be handled using Levenshtein distance (see also Stack Overflow). It’s something that we’ve implemented at work for our application.


How to deal with the customer, if he is a supplier, what is the solution?

Read the Guide about that.