Grouping of customers/suppliers/employees ... etc

Dear @lubos, I was thinking of the sheer amount of requests for being able to sell to suppliers or buy from customers, which are numerous.

These types of transactions are very common since many businesses have complex relationships with its contacts which in addition to those mentioned earlier might include:

  • Owners who are employees
  • Owners who are customers / suppliers
  • Employees who are expense claim payers.

Sometimes, it is beneficial for the business to be able to pay net amount (especially when the other person is not so keen on settling his dues). In that case you need to be able to summarize this contact’s balances immediately (in real-time, sometimes).

However, if we make a unified list of all those contacts, then we lose all the benefits of control accounts as-is right now.

A possible solution is to keep things as-is, but just introduce a new setting for contacts which can be referred to in optional field for contact which is found in customer / supplier / employees / capital accounts / expense claim payers.

If you don’t use this new setting, nothing will change, you can use manager like you always have.

If you choose to use this new setting, then you will get:

  • Use the previous setup in transaction without any change.
  • Ability to combine all acounts into contacts, some accounts or a select few accounts into contacts.
  • Details inheritance. When you leave certain fields (name, address, email … etc.) blank in a sub account (i.e. customers/suppliers/employee/capital … etc.) that is linked to a contact this field will show the contact value. This will make changes for those with multiple accounts more efficient and less prone to errors.
  • Ability to summarize a contact’s balances in real-time by viewing the “main contacts” page or by generating a new statement report that summarizes by account.
  • Ability to copy this new statement report to a new receipt/payment to settle all accounts (invoice details not required).
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I hope this option see the light soon
In our business the main customer who we have been working with him more than 10 years ago is a supplier for us also and duplicating their accounts as a supplier and a customer in the same time is very annoying practice.
I think there is another topics have discussed this problem before.
I can not add advantages more than that written here at the moment, but I’m sure it will be more helpful what written.
Dear @lubos … please give this topic a chance.

Sensible suggestion will be very useful