Copy Supplier to Customer

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Many businesses have customers that are also suppliers. During creating a customer if a feature would allow copying the same to suppliers. It would save time duplicating the entries. I understand not all business require the same. But an option such as
Copy to Supplier when creating a customer. May be helpful.

If you had this feature, it should work both ways. So a supplier could also be copied to a customer. In both cases, if the relevant tab were not already enabled, it would need to be.

hi @Tut, is it possible some times one have to purchase and sale both to the same party it will help to manage the party Ledger Easily rather separate entries for both as one for supplier and other for customer and then manually matching both receiving and paying separately.

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The situation of offsetting sales and purchase invoices for the same customer/supplier is covered in this Guide:

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Added to the latest version (21.1.52)

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Great to see some of these old requests and ideas coming to fruition - Thank you.

@lubos Is there a guide to use the function of for the same customer/supplier? Or, may I may have a suggestion how to use?

This is just a quick way to copy the information from a supplier to a new setup a new customer or vice versa.

This could be a supplier who is also a customer

It is included here: Use the Copy to function | Manager.

There is a Guide about that, too: Offset simultaneous sales and purchase invoices | Manager. This Guide was already linked earlier in this thread. Please read a thread before responding to it.